Dead End


Most certainly I hope to live to be a hundred, plan to – but in real-life experience – we know those chances are slim.

My first paid job was sweeping the floors of my fathers welding shop (Southwest Welding). I wasn’t taken there to weld, my job was to work hard and observe – that’s kinda been my track through life. Work hard, observe, and apply.

This is simply a page that I will hide under a much earlier date and work to prepare some final words; but in case of a sudden exit.

Its all been good, and a luxury to have the life-experience opportunity that I have had.

real-time considerations; because Life really can be; tooo short.



“Throughout our lifetime we acquaint ourselves with many folks from a multitude of backgrounds; I’ve always felt that as we grow, we take those positive tidbits of personality that we liked from those – and incorporate them into our own lives. We are each a product of our past and those friendships along the way.”  tgh

“The hardest thing about paddlin; is getting out the door.” tgh

“The best time; – is right now!”tgh

“Accepting death is like having to follow a slow motorist, maturity is acceptance.” tgh

“I Love my earth-time.” tgh

“Dear Karma, please be good to me.” tgh

“The thumb is good for everything except picking your nose.” tgh

“You want to keep some good tires under that gal.” tgh

“It’s like picking up a kleenex with wet fingers.”  tgh

“Over the years I have seen many folks in the worst parts of the cities that ‘lived under bridges,’ I am grateful each day to live in my own modest circumstance.”  tgh

“Keep it on the positive side of negative.”  tgh

“Do you want the world to change, or do you want to change the world?  tgh

“If you’re quiet, long-enough; others may just figure out just how much noise they ‘really make….” tgh

“I waited so long, that I figured it out.”  tgh.

“I just hate to think backwards..”(remember) tgh

“I could be wrong, but I’m financing this lifetime..”  tgh

“She looked a whole lot better running down the road, than sitting still..”  tgh

“I’d rather be around nothing, than negativity..” tgh

“In planning to go somewhere, give yourself enough time for the wrinkles to hang free of your garmets.”  tgh

“Some have the ability to look through a dirty windshield, I don’t”  tgh

“Dislikes; the edges of conformity”  tgh

Growing up; “Saturdays were about ‘cleaning’ the house, every other day was about keeping it straight.”  tgh

“We’re all different, and they need every one of us..”  tgh

“Don’t waste your time with opinions, there are just too many of them.”  tgh

“Get on with your life;  How do you expect to motivate others if you cannot motivate yourself?”   tgh

“The first French word that I learned; Latrine”..  tgh

“I have found that first thing in the morning; a shower and being dressed is as good as any cup of coffee…”  tgh

When someone refilled my Dad’s drink, he would always say – “Just cover the ice.”  wth

” Never own the same car twice”  wth

“I don’t want to be a distraction, only the simplest part of the entertainment”  tgh

“I’d rather do nothing and complain about it, than complain about nothing to do.”  tgh

“Concise is nice.”   tgh

“I have pulled a trailer on most all my driving occasions, what I have learned is that its not about ‘pulling’ the trailer, but simply easing up to speed and ‘rolling ‘ along with it – thinking ahead, working together.”  tgh

“Three puffs and I’m gone…”  tgh

“This stroll through time with friends/family/ and acquaintances – can be a lot like walking through a minefield; each step could be a day, a week, a month or less – but inevitably, there comes another jolt – leaving one less link to our past……” tgh

“The water was as level as life is good.”  tgh