Summer Adventure

Sorry about my lack of ‘posting’ here – but at the moment most of my thoughts revolve around floating 1700 miles down the Mississippi River this summer – yeah, I know this sounds selfish of me and its totally not true because I do think of each and everyone of you everyday, its just that this trip is the most obvious thing for me to express at the moment.

When I mention the trip to others, the responses that I receive are anywhere between “that’s awesome” to “there is nothing I would rather do less.” This doesn’t change anything of course, because for me its just one of those things that feels almost inherent to have to try, plus the timing is right – needless to say I’m really ‘pumped’ about this extended outdoor experience (60 days) and adventure.

It also may be just the way to cure those fleeting lifelong thoughts that we find at times of – “I’d love to live on a boat.”  So I will indeed ‘live on a boat’ as I appreciate the culture and explore the natural wonders along this 12,000 year old landmark (I have read that as the ice-age ended, the glaciers melted forming what we now recognize as the Mississippi River).

At the moment there will be two onboard for most of the trip, Carl from the Fire Department will travel the first three weeks – he has hiked extensively along the Appalachian Trail and is taking a break to join me in exploring the Upper Mississippi.  At or around St Louis, Mike (Kim’s Cousin from Cincinnati) will drop in for a couple of weeks and begin the Lower Mississippi to Memphis (4th of July, Beale St), then somewhere a week or so out of Nawleans cousin Lee from Florida may join me, should be a ‘real’ adventure.  So the final (and desolate) 600 miles of the Lower Mississippi may be solo for the greatest part, interesting – but overall a great combination of friends to help me through.

My biggest concerns?

Lightning, and whether or not Kim will come get me (or even answer the phone) from in New Orleans…….

So forgive me if my ‘post’s are a bit infrequent here, but please follow the trip at it should be a really interesting summer.