Mike at the Lake

The Steurs – Mike, Beth, Brian, Will (and Katie) stopped by after a week-long family gathering (42 ppl) at the beach to wash the salt off, they said that they had a ‘blast.’   It was nice that they took the time for a visit, we sure enjoyed the time.


More than anything we just hung-out, because it was a weekend that kind of ruled out going to Lakes Keowee or Jocassee – just too busy in the summer, our preference for those lakes is during the week – ‘serenity now.’  I think it all worked out, Beth had her coffee and found a moment or two of lake peace,


and the rest of the crew worked feverishly to fill the lake with bb’s………………..


‘Gravity’ was the defying issue – but with some time to adjust and Mikes enthusiasm, we overcame it…



Mike was the impetus for some bike riding and walks and then to a couple nearby waterfalls….



0907100_3610Brian and Katie



We enjoyed a trip or two to the middle of the lake, it was hot and gave Mike and I an opportunity to create our own icy ‘boat-drinks’ – we came real close to using ‘humming-bird’ nectar as a mixer, but became worried of possible side effects.


Everyone took a ‘float’ and I think the salt and sand came off ….


The time helped all to ‘wind-down’ after the beach – a step back towards ‘the real-world.’


– and of course we missed Cuzin ‘Dixie’…


Janet at the Lake

Mark, Janet, Jessica and Troy came to the lake for the weekend, it was also Janet’s birthday – 39 I think.


Friday evening we went for our ‘sunset ride’ to the middle of the lake and the kids got wet, then Saturday we went to Lake Keowee and ‘tubed’ all the way to the Tiki-Hut (and most of the way back), but the Lake was busy (see them all coming in the background)


In the channel there were more wakes than on the Mississippi, but the kids enjoyed being pulled on the tube (and hopping the wakes), the water was great (just a little rough) and always a little warmer around each one of us, body heat I think (yeah..)




But nice day and on return the folks across the way (also from Atlanta) on Cherokee pulled Janet, Jessica, and Troy on their 3-person tube with their new ski-boat, I’m not even going to try and keep up with the Jonses – but they really enjoyed it as a birthday treat –



the little ole tube I had will be put to rest after that (but thats ok with me, I’m saving it for Rylie).

Sunday was an easy day…..


just loafing around the house shooting the ‘bull,’ er milkjug in the water..,



and generally just keeping our ‘feet-up.’




so it was a nice visit, see you guys next time ……

Bac Home

The Mississippi river trip was awesome (I know you are sick of that word, but…it was ), the niece Jill now has a little one, and Mom took a ride in ‘Freebird’ before its decommissioning/scuttle.  The vessel is now just an ordinary pontoon “Mundane Bird.”  It was really neat to ride in the same boat around our local lake Cherokee for the weekend, some of the folks had even checked the blog out as I traveled from Minnesota to the Gulf – still, couldn’t believe that Mom and Kim would step aboard (you know that ‘conformity word); but they did.


It was a great 4th here on the lake, even shot some BIG fireworks off the top while in the middle of the lake (yep, the only one to do that) – out in the middle until midnight – its people like us that embarrass their kids so they make rules to contain us (they try)…..


Nice to be bac though… even took a ride in the center console on Lake Keowee as the water there was incredible; especially after the Mississippi.  As I said, the experience of ‘rafting’ the big Muddy was really something special – but here in WNC we have some of the BEST water there is……