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The Mississippi river trip was awesome (I know you are sick of that word, but…it was ), the niece Jill now has a little one, and Mom took a ride in ‘Freebird’ before its decommissioning/scuttle.  The vessel is now just an ordinary pontoon “Mundane Bird.”  It was really neat to ride in the same boat around our local lake Cherokee for the weekend, some of the folks had even checked the blog out as I traveled from Minnesota to the Gulf – still, couldn’t believe that Mom and Kim would step aboard (you know that ‘conformity word); but they did.


It was a great 4th here on the lake, even shot some BIG fireworks off the top while in the middle of the lake (yep, the only one to do that) – out in the middle until midnight – its people like us that embarrass their kids so they make rules to contain us (they try)…..


Nice to be bac though… even took a ride in the center console on Lake Keowee as the water there was incredible; especially after the Mississippi.  As I said, the experience of ‘rafting’ the big Muddy was really something special – but here in WNC we have some of the BEST water there is……


4 thoughts on “Bac Home

  1. Yes that water is awesome! Glad you are home and settled in. I hate being in a house after camping, you just want to be outdoors. I can imagine how you feel. But that big porch is a huge help.

  2. I am glad you are home too.

    Embarrassment is finding you on top of the Bronco with a chainsaw when I brought my boyfriend home.

  3. I’m using that porch too, it took me three days to get off of it and get my butt in gear – its neat to have shampoo again….

    and it was a ‘screening’ process Melissa, one day you’ll have one too…….

  4. Glad to have you back in the Carolina’s. (I use the word Home loosely.) I still wondering when you feet are going to touch the ground again?

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