Mike at the Lake

The Steurs – Mike, Beth, Brian, Will (and Katie) stopped by after a week-long family gathering (42 ppl) at the beach to wash the salt off, they said that they had a ‘blast.’   It was nice that they took the time for a visit, we sure enjoyed the time.


More than anything we just hung-out, because it was a weekend that kind of ruled out going to Lakes Keowee or Jocassee – just too busy in the summer, our preference for those lakes is during the week – ‘serenity now.’  I think it all worked out, Beth had her coffee and found a moment or two of lake peace,


and the rest of the crew worked feverishly to fill the lake with bb’s………………..


‘Gravity’ was the defying issue – but with some time to adjust and Mikes enthusiasm, we overcame it…



Mike was the impetus for some bike riding and walks and then to a couple nearby waterfalls….



0907100_3610Brian and Katie



We enjoyed a trip or two to the middle of the lake, it was hot and gave Mike and I an opportunity to create our own icy ‘boat-drinks’ – we came real close to using ‘humming-bird’ nectar as a mixer, but became worried of possible side effects.


Everyone took a ‘float’ and I think the salt and sand came off ….


The time helped all to ‘wind-down’ after the beach – a step back towards ‘the real-world.’


– and of course we missed Cuzin ‘Dixie’…


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  1. Was a great time. So very nice to meet Katie 😉 Missed Dixie, I sent her a lottery ticket- Hope she wins BIG !!

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