Still Comin along

It appears as if everything is on track to leave Asheville Fire Department with 31 years of service this December 1st (I’ve never worked at one place this long before!).  Its not much to go with – but hey, the’re going to buy my gas and groceries for a long, long time, so why not???

“I think I’ll take a year off, and then go to work for myself”…..maybe this fall or next spring I’ll take a long ride Westward and post along the way, the Intercoastal from Biloxi around Fla and back up the east coast in 2011 or 2012 (before the Mayan Calendar ends).

From there, or here – I don’t know, not even a clue – but it seems I’ve made it here so far.  I never really liked the question “What are you going to do when you grow up?” either, sometimes things just have to fall into place – you know like the harder you push, the harder it is – Well, I haven’t pushed as hard as I anticipated…..and sure, peering out of these two little portholes I feel really fortunate and blessed about the opportunities.

In the mean time I am slowly working on a garage at the lake, one which may house a shop of some sort, some manly toys, the washer and dryer, and a bedroom or just storage in the rafters (remember Hamburg Dr girls?)..

1984 - Attic Monkey

it was good that you were so short…… anyway – just taking it all one step at a time, and still adjusting to being back from 32 days on the Mississippi River – a whole new appreciation for ‘meal-time’ and showers…..







A little bit at a time, just thought I’d make a deposit…. er, drop a note….


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  1. No website but I can be found on Facebook under my name … Frenda Franklin Ward

    Tom, what a delight! Reading of your adventures with your family … what a great way to live. Makes me want to tie a couple of pontoons together and raft the Mississippi.

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