Making ‘A-Loop’

So I’m not quite done with work yet, but my last official day is Dec 1 – until that time (or for the past few weeks) but I’ve been practicing “work without a schedule,’ it’s coming around….

Just by chance some friends are having a “Pre-reunion’ gathering next week in Florida (Ft Myers) – so its a pretty good time for a ‘loop.’

Instead of heading to Melissa’s and JP’s for a Miami/Carolina football game – and having a fast trip through Fla, I will ease on down and join my cousin JoAnne’s in kayaking out to the Silver Springs headwaters on Thursday,, an easier paced ride -her note said something like this;

“Hey, have been thinking of ya!!!  See you survived the Mississippi River.

In Ocala, I-75 to Hwy 40, head east toward Silver Springs the attraction (about 20 miles).  Go past Silver Springs attraction thru flashing yellow light about a mile still heading East, just before the big huge bridge over the Ocklawaha River on the Right hand side is  Rays Way Side Park.

This is a county park, you pay $2 to launch, take small canal which dead ends into Silver River, turn Right head up stream  about 3 to 4 hours towards the Silver Springs Attraction, you have to stay in your boat.   Or the Silver Springs Attraction will charge you with trespass.

Once at the head waters of the attraction just paddle around the glass bottom boats, people are busy watching you.  It’s a Hoot.

You may see a few monkeys on the side of the river, don’t mess with them or tease them.  They are use to people and do fight back, like climb the trees over your head and shit into their hands then throw it at you……………”

Sounds like a good warm up to the ‘Pre-reunion Party.’


Silver Springs is where they filmed all of those early (black and white) Tarzan movies (and Sea-Hunt, and some ‘Flipper, etc)  –  one of the theories puts the Tarzan movies as the origin of the wild monkey’s – I had heard the rumor years ago but had long forgotten about it..  Glass-bottom boats, tourists, and clear water….. you can read more about the route on the Silver Springs link.

Friday I will ease down and visit Jill and Don (and Lainey)for a night in Clearwater – Saturday to FM for the weekend.

Should see Dewey and Dowdy, maybe more – before returning to Sanford for a quick visit with Dad on Monday – hit the road again Tuesday and bac to help cook Thanksgiving, see, just a loop.

So thats a quick ‘catch-up,’ I’ll try to do better – but I’ve had some issues with my “Microsoft Word’ and has limited some writing….. I’m working through those.



– and sure, Kim’s welcome to go – but she has more important and worldly things to do………. I asked.

3 thoughts on “Making ‘A-Loop’

  1. Hey Mister, I think we are related in some ways. I drove a truck for a living. I am a retired Firefighter, City of Roswell, NM. 17 years, quit early due to arthrytic joints. I too have a natural curiousness about our great nation, and my abilities to adapt and survive. Retirement is nice, idleness really SUCKS. Last year I took 2 months and rode my motorcycle thru all 48 states and one Canadian province. Similar to your river trip. Like most people, I was always in a rush, and missed much along the way. This was a trip of U turns. No specific route, no time table, and when I saw something I found interesting, I made a U turn and went back for a look. From my teen years, I have had a desire to float the Big River. I stumbled on your journal, and spent the entire day reading and studying the photos. Oddly enough I have recently been planning this adventure, and your story is extremely helpful. I would enjoy visiting with you, comparing notes from our careers and trips. Please Email me if you’re interested. Donald P. Nason, FFRet

  2. Thanks Don, I just found your comment, awesome to hear of your adventure – looking forward to hitting the road again in the spring and head westward, through NM – sure would love to share any information that might be of help to you.

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