Madeira Beach

little chuck-wagon

I remain on the ‘bac roads after leaving the Silver Springs/Ocala area – have yet (until today) spent any time on an interstate and the ride has been perfect.  Sixty MPH (life at 60) is comfortable as can be with no schedule, only simple objectives.  I remained on Hwy 40 from Ocala through all of the ‘Springs” area, little towns and parks (Crystal River area) ripe for canoeing and kayaking (paddlin).  It’s all been a simple and pleasant ride. I have never minded going at a slower rate; I just hate for someone to ‘force’ me to go slow (go slow in front of me) – but I have not ran into that – its a good pace.

Wooden Kayak

All the way down into Clearwater Beach, and further down the shoreline to Madeira Beach to my niece’s place.

Hooray for Neices that have done well; stopped by and spent the night with Jill/Don and Lainey and my sister Elaine came over – had a great ribeye dinner while lazing around the place – why would anyone want to go elsewhere?

But it was a wonderful night of visiting.  Don and I walked over to a neighbors house and watched them put in some seawall, OSHA would have ran out of paper with this set-up, but the folks were working hard.

Tomorrow will be a Interstate run to FM, not a long one but will get off early and enjoy the ride – we’ll see from there.

ok, short post – I’m on the road….