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We are fortunate to have a small cabin on a little lake nestled in the foothills along the Sumter National Forest of South Carolina;  the lake itself is less than 500 acres with 4 fresh mountain streams constantly feeding it from the bordering Forest.


Its a great place, and yes, South Carolina has mountains, foothills actually – of the Ble Rudge.  It’s very scenic too – Oconee County has a number of waterfalls, plus man-made Lakes Jocassee and Lakes Keowee each just a few minutes away.  Highlands, NC, and Cashiers, NC are fewer than 30 miles away.

There are about 168 homes around Lake Cherokee; mostly seasonal places with about 40 folks living here year-round – its all very peaceful – almost too quiet sometimes, especially in the winter – but that’s a really good time to fish or just enjoy the peace.

Most of the lake activity happens between Memorial Day and Labor Day while the activity within each of the homes seems to center around the kitchens, porches, or dock areas.

The Lake Cherokee Hunting and Fishing Club was created years back in the 50’s and emphasized wildlife conservation.  Once every three years we lower the water during the winter so that property owners can work on their docks, seawalls, and swimming areas.  This year was one of those years and in anticipation of this I have spent many weekdays preparing for some much needed dock-work and maintenance of my own – I need shade… rain has delayed things a bit.  With the level to be raised again in January, construction time for rebuilding our dock is getting tight – I am doing all that I can to stay with it.

With my retirement schedule working alone kind of helps – its not like I can go out and do everything at once, or even set the large posts until the water level in the soil lowers too – ‘setting the posts’ is relative to the water table, so my work follows the level of the lake – now that will change when its time to put the decking down – c’mon over, but for now its a fairly simple pace.

The poles have been no big deal, dig a 4 to 5′ ft hole and drop them in – measure, level, and tie it all together – a little cement doesn’t hurt.  But I do have a telephone pole to use as a flag-pole or ‘crow’s nest I will need help with, Gray...

Like everything else its easy to find more to do.  The old dock has been a little out of square which has ‘bugged’ me for years, but I will fix that.  I have noticed where it has settled and is sagging a bit, will fix that too.  My plan to merge smoothly into the old dock, but that may be more complicated than first thought (it all needs to be level!).  The problem could lead to more of a rebuild than anticipated, but hey I’m here – let’s do it..

When I need time to think about it I go lug a few cross-ties for the yard (so I try not to think too much), anyway thats what I’ve been up to – I’ve been busier with things to do since leaving the FD than before – its nice though, my own schedule and no ‘random’ interruptions…….

So a quick post before dropping things for a few days of visiting with family, then back Christmas week .

and here’s a cool thought along with a picture from last year –

Our family, sure hopes that your family has a very warm and special Holiday Season……………….


Months later….


It is a rustic dock




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  1. Well you are staying very busy. I can’t wait to sit on the new dock. Enjoy your time With Gray. Merry Christmas.

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