But then along came Jethro…..

Well I was almost at a stand-still with the Dock, and then along came Gray with the much needed boost to the ‘crab-shack.’

If I learned anything from my Dad, it was that if your son comes for a visit – put him to work the first day (chances are that he’s not worth a flip after visiting friends the rest of the trip), I guess it only took a visit from me for my Dad to figure that out – I ‘picked up’ on it too….

So Gray and I spent a day in the mud challenged by this heavy 30-foot utility pole, and there was a point that we thought the pole might win………. Licia was along and pitched in (also took these pictures)..

Go girl….

We ‘skated’ the pole across the early morning frost and worked (heaved) it into position,

It was kinda like ‘Stonehenge,’ – but ‘quality-time too in its own way.

then it slipped (this is where we though it might have us beat), but now it was to plan ‘b’…….


looked for a little help…………

and after a few anxious moments (it vertical and ‘tetering’) persevered……

The effort evolved into this….

Thanks buddy, now hang around for some more ‘quality-time,’ – What? you have things to do?

– have a good visit with your friends.

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