Left Fielder

Being out of work after 40 years could feel like being picked to play the position of ‘left-fielder.’  For the most part left-field never was a busy or seemingly purposeful place to be, as a matter of fact it was possible to loose track of how many ‘outs’ had occurred – and many times even where the ball was at.  Of course early-on that was the tradition of the young players in the field.  The position of a wandering mind and thinking of lots of other things rather than the game at hand – so at the moment, I’m keeping the tradition of playing ‘left-field’ alive as I meander around the lake all in the name of progress.

Our visit with Gray and Licia, a winter blizzard (the snow is still on the ground), and then a night eating chicken-wings and watching football in Charlotte with JP and Melissa made our Christmas complete a week early.

Its nice seeing the kids become young folks, and then adults; its even better to learn that their value’s have risen above their parents – not sure why that happens, but its a pretty good feeling.

With our Holiday behind us a week early I returned to the Lake for more dock-work, seems to be the routine I’m getting into – Monday through Thursday or Friday, then back to Kim’s for the weekend, I like it.

But this past weekend (and Christmas day) Kim made a rare winter visit to the lake (too quiet and remote for her during the winter), it was a simple time where I continued to work on the dock and she enjoyed her beverage while keeping her “feet-up,” – the kitty did too.


The wildlife and wood-ducks (beautiful) were around so many times during the day I just stop and just watch them do their thing.  The weather is similar to Asheville, but with the temperature 8 degrees warmer down the mountain (which is a big difference), its easier to be outside and enjoying the work.

The pace is perfect, when the frost is gone (usually about 930) I head outside and start wherever I want, ‘one screw at a time.’  Of course I have a small ‘field of dreams bag‘, which leads to many insignificant revelations as I work (in left-field) – It has been pure enjoyment – my only tangible goal was to complete all the things ‘below the waterline’ before January 15 (when they will ‘put the stopper back in’) and the lake level returns 8 feet where it will remain three years.  I am really close to that goal.

Kim came for Christmas weekend so I have returned to Hendersonville for New Years week – 2009 was a good year, lots to feel blessed about.

– and I do……

Happy New Years Birthday Melissa/JP.

5 thoughts on “Left Fielder

  1. That was my question, what in the world is Kim making?? Glad you all had a good Christmas. I love the snow picture of the house.

  2. Well, the crocheting just got away from me in the beginning… I am taking it out and making 5 blankets instead of one for the jolly green giant…
    It kept me busy….

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