Steurs Visit

March 27-29, twenty-ten

A last weekend of winter with a visit from the Steurs of Cincinnati, Will’s ‘spring-break.’   We had hoped that it would actually be ‘spring-like,’ but the weather had different ideas, for the most part it was windy and chilly…. so we adapted and took a couple short rides…

Jimmy, Will, and Nora (aka 'Dixie')

‘Dixie’ drove down for the weekend also, and showed us a nearby waterfall that she had visited while attending WCU, it was a nice walk on a not too bad of an afternoon – great idea.

'Polar-Bear' like plunge.....

On our return to the lake she and Will ‘egged’ each other on until they both went in the cool water for a very quick ‘Polar-bear’ Plunge – brrrr ‘chicken-skin,’ it didn’t matter how long they talked about it before jumping in – it was still cold…..

Lake Jocassee view

Walhalla Fish Hatchery

With more of the same weather (cool, windy, and mostly overcast) we found several breaks to take a ride and check out nearby Walhalla Fish Hatchery where rainbow trout are raised for the stocking of the mountain streams. It was interesting and soon we were back at the lake inventing things to do – summer’s easy for the kids.

But this time of year is a little more challenging, I found that if you ‘pull the plug’ on the TV set, they will wonder outside and invent their selves something to do (they actually did very well playing cards for a while) – thank goodness for BB guns and empty milk jugs – seemed to fill in their free time just fine.

Mike and I both found some breaks in the weather to kayak a little.

Somehow Mike and Beth always seem to provide some much needed (and heartfelt) laughs, its been a long winter and I needed them.  Even though the weather wasn’t the ‘spring’ weather we had hoped for, the company made it much warmer – thanks Mike and Beth for ‘seeing the winter out’ with us…