JP/Melissa visit

April 2-4, twenty-ten

atau r

I know that we are a long way from the ‘Dog-days of summer,’ but with Melissa and JP’s visit this weekend, we just might be working on the format to them. I’m doing better with the fly-rod too, – repetition,  evening and morning, a benefit that I hadn’t recognized earlier was that it provides a purpose to standing on the end of the dock and listening to nature while every one else is busy with their ‘purpose’ too (which is actually ‘keeping your feet-up here at the lake).  The casting is coming along and with the warmer weather the fish are beginning to surface at the Lake, I just might ‘get lucky’ soon.

During the visit Jp and I took turns with the Kayak, for me Kayaking provides a certain tranquility, and it just gets better all the time – our lake has a beaver family working in it too so its always nice to slip up on them….

Melissa and Kim kept Jackson busy retrieving various objects

I don’t think he wanted to leave, but ‘grand-dogs’ need to go home sometime too…..

Great start to the warmer weather of 2010.

Thanks for the visit guys,

“Ya’ll come back ‘you hear….”