Delaware, April

April 7-12, twenty-ten

A quick visit to Delaware to clear some brush on the Bell estate before ‘the leaves popped-out,’ it was a ‘tender-green’ when I arrived.  April is a good time to ‘burn,’ the cover has been dormant all winter and its real dry this time of year – plus ‘controlled burns’ are very effective when dealing with thorny underbrush (briars, etc.), and it can be done safely.  I wanted to be there when/if the conditions were right for clearing, for me.

Same view before and after (or during), it was two or three days of work, a ‘hasty’ cover burn and then going in for the brush, crooked trees, and briars – it was a bunch of clipping, dragging, and piling.  I knew that Cliff had spent many days around doing similar things (at a similar age), he was always close in my thoughts – I think I even found his pace as I worked during the day’s.  It was special too to check and clear around the cedar where Gus and Blackjack still rest.

Just a bunch of time that might help us focus on the area, Cliff’s truck and tractor remained close at-hand and available to pitch-in, that was nice – just like I know Cliff would have done.

I worked out of the ‘Chuck-Wagon’ which was loaded with all my MAN tools and common beverage, I went through a case of spring-water, a few bottles of adult beverage, and it all tasted gooood… it was actually warm to hot there for a while, springtime.

We checked the tractor up real well (oil/water/grease) and then evened-out the field of corn-stalks before giving the farm a ‘buzz’ – it helps to ‘buzz’ the early grass and get it’s attention.

It might sound crazy but with a little extra time I pulled out the leaf blower opened all the doors and gave the barn a quick blast of wind and turbulence, all that stagnant dust came out the back door like smoke, get outta here…..

The piles of brush sat for two days, not long enough but with a little help and a few hours there was nothing but ash left, comfortable way to end a job – sittin on Cliff’s tailgate just watching those thorns burn.

And then the best part Sunday was a visit to Kyle’s.

It was an awesome meal Kyle, after three days in the brush I went back for seconds.

sometimes it takes a truck to get folks home after ‘viddles…

Thanks Patti for letting me hang out at your place, I was a little worried about it after kidding you about Jerry Springer for so long, but then I remembered – we didn’t have a midget in the family….. 🙂

Thanks for a great visit and the warm hospitality – we look forward to returning the favor.

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  1. thanks for all the comments about dad, he was right there with you. soo funny thats what he did every day ride around and survey his property and watch in wonder and delight of what his familys were doing. thanks again it was a great ending to a long day been up since 9am and it is now 330 am. now i can dream happy dreams about dad. god bless you tom.

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