July, ‘chillin at the Lake

Lake Cherokee, SC

June 30 – July 6, twenty-ten

July, and the ‘chillin and grand-chillin (what my grandmother used to call us) came for a visit.

It was a simple gathering with our biggest day on Saturday when my Mom, Aunt Diouscie Mae, cousin, and sister also joined us for a large afternoon lunch.

Me, Cousin Sue, and Aunt Diousie Mae

Kristi, John Flinchum

Vacation – “feet-up!”

After lunch it was pretty much just hanging out (the other kind of ‘chillin) on the dock and watching the boats pulling skiers and ‘tubers come past.

It worked out well because with Mom’s potato salad, baked beans, and pulled-pork on Saturday, there were plenty of left-overs for Sunday the 4th and I liked that – less time cookin, more chillin time…..

Rylie kept the fish fed real well, which helped me land the ‘not-so-smart’ ones…

It was a really relaxed visit with lots of simple time and moments (mostly dockside), alls we had to do was to walk outside and watch the world go by – the swing, the dock, and the water did the rest.



Lots of ‘swing-time’

The fireworks at Cherokee Lake did not disappoint either (fireworks are legal in SC), each family pretty much had their own for all to see – they were great and went on until 11 pm – the kids enjoyed.

So thats about it, really too many pictures to post – it was great to see everyone as we thought of those whom couldn’t make it (Gray, Jill, Myron), maybe next year.  As for me it has been a quiet summer and I am taking retirement so far like this is ‘my year off.’  Next planned road-trip is in late September when I will load the kayak onto the ‘chuck-wagon’ and head westward towards the Pacific…..