Serman Visit

August 5 – 10, twenty-ten

Let’s see, where to start –

Every man worth anything knows how to use a tow-strap, and every now and then (hopefully not often) those skills come in handy.  The little truck quit on me and I thought for sure it was the fuel pump, little did I realize that Kyles size 10’s had pressed against a kill-switch in the floor – it took the guy at the dealership to enlighten us on the problem.

A temporary break down would not deter us from the BBQ event in Dillard, it was an objective and during the weekend we made two trips to check it out – not far, but it did include some back-roads through the woods .

A ‘green-egg’ cooker

‘Fancy-Dan’ cookers

Living and cooking set-ups,

and Blue-Grass Music.

even the Butt-mobile…

Folks take that cooking seriously, it was hot and the crowd thinner than I expected – but the music was good and the setting with the Mountain backdrop even better…

We came across a Hot-Rod show,

searched for lost relatives at the Mountain City flea-market.

In our ‘down-time we went to the middle of the lake and put our feet-up, alot.

sat-around the porch in the August heat,

or in the shade of the dock,

Janet came from Atlanta to visit with the cousin’s,

it was all ‘idle-time’………


with a twist..

It was simple and EZ time – isn’t that why we go to the lake?  I hope that the pictures work in place of alot of words, Thanks Kyle, Nora, Pattie, and Janet for a great weekend, you guys are special – looking forward to seeing you again soon.

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