September at Jessica’s

Made it to Jessica’s after a good paddle in Missouri (The Current River), an interesting ride across Kansas, and than another easy day across the open range of Eastern Colorado.

Of course we didn’t waste anytime unloading the ‘Chuck-wagon,’ which was fun for all – especially the kids in searching for hidden treasure from all the family back in the Carolina’s.

Little treasures for all, it was fun hanging out and watching them all work on their little projects.

For the most part the weekend was quiet, talking and each adjusting to someone new around their castle, and it was just fine to write on the trailer – even appreciated.

On Sunday we took a walk, Colorado is awesome – a little dusty in these parts but is never far to the mountains and a little more greenage.

It was over the river and through the woods, plus a couple little breaks.

Almost to the falls, it was all on a very large scale.

and then with another break at the turn-around point,

they rested the old man and we headed back – 4-mile falls.

I was really impressed and proud of Jessica, she carried one of the kids (it alternated) the whole way – I think we forget just how much Mom’s do sometimes.  She returned home and worked in the house the rest of the afternoon and evening cleaning up for a week of watching even more children……….

So a quick weekend of simple visit, more to come as I will likely spend a week here while checking out a couple of local lakes and streams before moving on (I’m also not as good at ‘posting’ with a room full of active children as Jessica might be).