“But I Don’t Want a Dog,


When it comes to the point of having to express the above statement – someone has bombarded me with all of their wonderful reasons of Why I should have another dog…

Understand; I do not dislike pets! I am simply find myself at a time in life that I do not desire the responsibilities associated with a pet!

but now that I have been pressured once again (a dog); here’s my rant!..….

I have had pets all my life – (Stinker, Tippy, Fido, Margo/Blackie, etc) besides a couple cats, they were all outside pets.  My children shared time with Bailey, a wonderful sheepdog for 14 years (awesome animal and companion) then Jaxx, a chocolate lab for the next 14-years (super intelligent).  They were outside pets. Issues began to arise with the lab as the wife would take him inside our home when I was at work – I swore I would never have another (wife or dog).

I was raised without a dog in the house – it simply wasn’t their place.  As a child I held deep appreciation of my little ‘cocker ‘Tippy’s endless devotion – ‘Tippy’ listened to all my ramblings and taught unequivocal lessons of forgiveness – then died defending me as I walked to elementary school one day – yes, I loved Tippy.  Yet even with our tight bond I never once thought that Tippy was (treated as) a human.  Pets are domesticated life-forms that we share a basic level of communications with/and most certainly feelings for.

A dog might get in, but will never have ‘the-run’ of my home. Through the years I have witnessed the inside of homes being taken over by pets.  I’ve seen pets eating from family dishes, lounging on expensive couches and chairs while sleeping on beds that are meant for humans!  ‘Inside’ pets require stepped-up housekeeping and even with my poor ‘sniffer I can usually associate the odors of pets living within a home.  If you sit in a vehicle and can sense the car has hauled a pet around; its the same for a home.

I notice that pets drive, alter, and change the lifestyles of their owners; also understand, I’m ok with this – it’s their life, their home, their car, and their choice – I accept ‘their‘ world when I visit – please accept mine!.

Now, would/do you take your pet on a ‘visit’ without asking? AND, Would/do you expect the same hospitality for your pet on arrival as they get at your home? I’m uncomfortable with a yes on these.  Unless its the primary reason for the visit, expect that not everyone is a ‘domesticated animal lover’ – other than the reasons already stated; a visitors pet can be as distracting as any person continuously talking or txting while in active conversation with us.  However large or small, the pet is a distraction – it would be my desire to ‘visit’ with you, not spend the time noticing/admiring/playing with your pet!..

At this point in my life I do not wish to travel with a dog because it affects the entire trip. Having a dog changes where you stop; how long you stop; and with that is a concern – or a disregard for others when stopped along the way – additionally, pickin up “land-mines” (dog crap) is not on my ‘to-do’ list.  Inside any vehicle; dogs drool on the windows, damage the seats with their claws, and breathe down the back of your neck.  No thanks..

Finally, I truly love native wildlife and have witnessed firsthand how domestic animals abuse areas of natural habitat. On paddling ventures I’ve noticed folks taking their pets to the lake for “a day in the’wild.”  The pets claw the boat;  crap on the beach, then scamper through the wetlands frightening the native creatures away.  The owners laugh in amusement – I’ve been there and seen that more than once and it pisses me off as much as someone carrying a glass bottle up a waterfall!

-but now back to ME!  “Back off! – I’d have a dog if I really wanted one!!!” .


Personal disclaimer; I reserve the right to find ‘the right’ stray tomorrow – and if it ‘clicks,’ he’ could be in. . . .



Update 7/2012; Wood-duck houses built and placed this past winter on our lake have been successful, ducklings spotted – knowing how I feel, the wife brings my daughters Irish Setter in as they move to Hawaii – #@&!!?/*&##!!!  05/2013 – For me, being force-fed a pet at this stage of life totally sucks. The dog is awesome by the way, the timing is my issue