The ‘Flying Monkey’

From the Chicago area there are ‘da Bear’s, and then there are da Boe’s

Passing through the Carolina’s after a visit to Disney, Jason and Heather (niece) stopped by the lake with da boys; Jordan, Jared and Jaden – it was great fun visiting with them and after a few days I was finally beginning to get their names in order (and vice-versa).

Immediately after arrival they tested the waters, the next morning began with fishin…

and crab-shack haircuts,

then a little float

before a pull on the boat,

I think lunch at the shack included some caffeine,

because soon afterwards the ‘flying monkey’ spirit came to play…

The Flying Monkey Jump

and these boys took it non-stop for three days….. I didn’t have to wet the dock as I usually do, their actions did it all for me.

Jordan proved to be the fisherman….

and quite the ‘gamer’ with his Uncle Greg

providing options for his brothers.

Then there was the pirate in the water, “awwwwrrrgg, I’d rather lick a puppy’s nose than kiss a girl!

Jared and Jaden made their marks down in the ‘pirate-cove.’

while Kim and Heather kept their ‘feet-up’

no-one slowed a bit,

Jared and I made a paddle and I learned quickly that he had all the skills necessary to manage traveller on his own,

he made good observations and simply took over, Jared was a natural at paddling and made a number of  solo adventures, all on his own.

Jaden was pretty close as a ‘shooter,’

but his for’te was ‘jumpin,’ lots of jumpin

leading the charge off of anything and everything.

i think ‘fun’ runs in the family.

and there were peaceful times too

(a few).

Heather checkin mail at the Crab Shack

Jared persevered landing the only ‘golden buffalo,’

But the ‘eagle’ had to land sometime,

sure is quiet around here…

There was alot more activity than noted, we even managed several swims in the middle of the lake while the boys continually swam ‘clean under’ the boat!  It was fun, thanks Boe’s for sharing your awesome family with us for a weekend.

Have a safe trip home.

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  1. So fun!!! Wyatt just asked again tonight if we could go to Popeye’s tomorrow. At this rate we are going to have to come back before next summer!!!

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