Pirate For A Day – Lake Cherokee

Twice, in the past three years the folks on this small lake in South Carolina have ‘gussied-up’ their boats for a Lake Cherokee cruise – ‘walk the dog‘ to speak.

With 2011’s happening around Labor Day, Kim and I decided to join in the fun (actually the organizers told us if we wanted to eat, it was mandatory).

SC – Avenger

Determined ‘not-to-buy a thing, I figured to ‘scavenge’ around the house/shed/truck/dock/under the house or in the attic for items of interest – it would be, whatever it would be (it could always be a Chinese junk).

An old silt fence provided the pontoon a ‘ship-like’ shape,

While the chest from the crab-shack and a replica ship’s wheel started the onboard direction – along with a 24′ pole for a mast – and then somewhere in all of this was beverage, which turned things into the Pirate direction for sure.

In the simplest of forms it could be “a Pirates vessel,” later on the ‘sunset-cruise’ (above) the bow provided more of this sense.

Hey, this is kinda fun

But whatever it was, there was a pontoon underneath – and for at least a day, it could be the Pirate Ship “Scavenger,” the meanest one Lake Cherokee had ever seen.  This simple freedom was fun, all from ‘stuff’ just laying around.

“Brandy” (“me-wench“) wanted in on the action too (or was too embarrassed to be seen otherwise), Kim actually played the part well.  After a few pirate beverages she was telling me how to pilot the vessel – so she was quickly directed to the ‘ships-wheel’ – this pacified her for at least thirty minutes before she figured it wasn’t hooked to anything!

We had sharks too – Gene fixed up his logic to include fins – great idea,

The Indians got my vote – for me this family really captured the Lake Cherokee spirit,

a fish canoe,

Along with a ‘disco’ entry – not sure if the kids knew what ‘disco’ was, but they had alot of fun with it.

1st place went to Fred and Wilma Flintstone, with Dino the Dinosaur (he was tied to a nearby boulder)


and where else besides Lake Cherokee could Elvis stay hidden for so long – Elvis lives!

It was really enjoyable in following the complete shoreline of the Lake as folks sat on their docks having fun with it all, we made at least three passes. Kim even accused me of being too much of a Pirate (beverage) as I exclaimed to the kids on the docks “Kidzzz, mee favorite bait!”   Of course I reminded her of her title too.

In even the most remote coves there were docks with families that really appreciated the ‘vessels’ that passed.

In the evening there was a bbq so a break to anchor out in the middle.

On shore and after a few words there were viddles for all

BBQ Pork and Chicken/slaw/beans/and tea from Baby’s BBQ & Cafe

Thanks Rick and Tracy


conversation (as kids explored the ships)

as it was a fun time for all


It was like ‘old fashioned face-booking’ – in person.

For the most part when you drive to Lake Cherokee you cross terrain where you feel as though you might be lost in someone’s pasture, it is possible too that you may see a wagon or two pulled by horses (really) – just saying that there’s not much going on here – so for those at Lake Cherokee it was a rare and valuable time to ‘rub-shoulders’ and converse, which we did.

all while kids continued to climb aboard and explore the boats

everybody likes to play a pirate (next year we’ll get the kids to vote).


It was well into the night, with potatoes spent (from potato shooter) this ship’s rudder was turned towards home port.


only to be scuttled the next morning.


oh well, I was a Pirate for the day –




life at 60 (mph)

4 thoughts on “Pirate For A Day – Lake Cherokee

  1. I love! Such good fun. It reminds me of halloween camping. I think you did a grand job there capt. But what did you wear??

  2. Tom and Kim —
    What a kick!
    This is just a fantastic blow-by-blow of being “Pirate — and Wench! —
    For A Day”!!
    Congratulations on a great job!
    It (almost!) makes me and Dennis want to participate next year!

  3. Pirate stuff Nora, a neat coat and an eye-patch (which blinded me) – couldn’t help but to think of your Halloween camping trips

    thanks Bev, it was fun – see you on the lake

  4. Tom & Kim….Loved the “Scavenger”. You need a cannon for next year! Maybe a crew of scalawags (us). Swords would help. Great job!! We’ll supply the pirate beverages. I’ll be Gray Beard and Ava can be the merry mermaid. Nice that you have playtime to do this stuff. Love you guys!! Alan & Ava

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