Serman Visit 2012

Always something, like sitting down to write this post and I am reminded what needs to be done for the day – not like its on any schedule or anything, just better to do things in the cooler part of the 100 degree days.

The garage has been my greatest project this year, besides a Suwannee paddle in April – it has kept me completely away from paddling – not a big deal – it turns out that spring and fall are my favorite paddling months anyway.

After having the structure ‘dried-in,’ I’ve been almost obsessed with getting a lifetime of junk in a consistent place.  After so few years with a cement-floored garage – I’m thinkin this project would likely produce my ‘last’ garage (unless the lotto calls my number). Being situated on the lakes edge helps with the task, it’s been a blast – I have that cement floor, shop-tools, and most of my other ‘stuff’ tucked-in, adequate power, and it’s all legal!

(‘Buck Creek South,’ ‘the Bunkhouse’ or, – yet to come)

Once caught up below, the upstairs has/is evolving from a proposed storage area to a decent guest setting, and with Kyle and Nora coming – well, we needed some ‘guinea pigs,’ er family to visit….

As far as the work cycle – Kyle and Nora would rescue me from this, for at least a week – July 4th 2012.

So here they came.  You see, here at the lake there is little entertainment, no big rides, shopping malls, or bar-hopping – no fast-food restaurants or philly cheese-steak deli’s.  Just bring a cooler, we got water to sit in, and lots of porch rockin-chair kinda ‘peace.’

‘Lil Bubba came a day early to help with the entertainment, Melissa sent her dog Jackson to torment me, and we had a new grill for Kyle to break in for the food part of it – things might just work out…..

July fourth brought lots of neighbors, so we simply put our ‘feet-up’ at the crab-shack and watched it all pass.

The night of the fourth we idled out to the middle of the lake and watched some pretty impressive fireworks – fireworks are legal in South Carolina, and frequently used…. love em.

As a matter of fact we didn’t do much at all, it was all at ‘idle-speed’ – but again, that’s a specialty of the Blue Ridge Mountains (feet-up).

Kyle’s specialty, well….

We ate well.  2 Boston butt’s made for some fine BBQ on the fourth (burgers here as the girls enjoyed the fifth (literally))….

the fish have to eat too

On the fourth – Mom, sister Kristi, John and Lucy came – bringing some fine potato salad and other foods – family, always welcomed, appreciated and missed

as for how the fish-food tastes, I guess we’ll have to ask the kids when they get older…….

It was all good – we even saw a black bear nearby – which I’m sure the fireworks sent running….

I know, it’s a tough pace – but we paced ourselves –

Kim, Nora’s specialty

Thanks for the visit Serman’s – ya’ll come back you hear –

(see you soon Carr’s).

We’re here in the winter too.

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  1. love your pictures and comments tom! you are a great writer I think! Should write a journal ! I can”t wait to personally come down and stay at Buckcreek South! LOVE IT

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