Generation Next

. Hunter Gray Haynie .

Who will be at the helm?

At this age I am blessed to have 4 sets of little feet, each finding comfort in grabbing ‘the wheel’ and learning to set ‘their course.’  If they are anything like their parents, that direction will be a positive one.


Shipmates 2011

I believe to the greatest degree that each generation improves upon the previous one – the technology of today continues to structure new concepts to daily life as compared to the parents archaic experiences.

Gray, Hunter, and Mom

Gray, Hunter, and Mom

A career in the fire service provided me an insight to accepting this very normal progression of improvement.  The methods of those fire-officers that I worked under thirty-five years ago was harsh; non diplomatic, and with little to no tact.  It was accepted then.  I smile when I think of those early days when the fire-officer packed up his men and equipment and promptly left a fire scene leaving much of a persons ravaged possessions (from fire) wet and strewn about in the front yard – along with the resident! – And those folks thanked us as we drove off!!!!

It was apparent there was room for compassion, improvement, and change.

Tom, Gray; @ 6

Tom, Gray; @ 1988

When it was ‘our’ turn to take ‘the seat,’ that progression brought about a greater sensitivity (and responsibility) to the communities needs – it evolves still. The fire-service has indeed improved through generational change.  As a parent, I have found this analogy to be so similar – each generation takes basic information from their parents then improves upon that standard of care.  In looking back its easy to feel as one of those officers to my family; an example – one of which they could choose to improve upon.



Of course with this all said; a long overdue family visit from Gray to the lake wasn’t going to be all play – I always like to save some special time for those very special people;



My Dad was never one for ‘just sitting around,’ so special time means there was time put aside to – mow, to paint


 and maybe a few other things along the way!



but still plenty of time to feed the ducklings



and still time to play hide-n-seek on the evening boat ride



more time to watch Mom’s do goofy girl stuff,



– with still time to play in the dog’s water,



– maybe a paddle with Dad.



We even found enough time (mowed there also) to visit great-great-grandparents in Georgia





and then a quick trip to Delaware to visit even more relatives

don't stop yet son

(with yet more).

Licia, Gray, Hunter Haynie

Licia, Gray, Hunter Haynie


The two plus weeks held plenty, it was a fine visit.  Thanks Licia and Gray – plus, BIG congratulations son after graduating USD with a Bachelors degree in Engineering; we are really proud of your efforts, decision-making, and achievements along the way – you are indeed setting the bar a little higher – as generations do.

Measuring up

They are – measuring up