The Best Cry I Ever Had….

– was with the loss of a pet.

81 A7 - 1981- Margo

In the late seventies we rented a home and inherited the pets that were present; ‘Margo’ and ‘Blackie.’  Two outside dogs that were left by the previous tenants, thus becoming part of our young family.  To shorten the story, in the eighties I had to make the decision to take Margo and have her ‘put-down.’  The drive to Asheville took about twenty minutes, I said my goodbyes and petted Margo as the vets gave her a shot – she went to sleep peacefully.

I opted to bury Margo on familiar land and returned with her remains to our rural home. The ‘ride’ and loss through this pet brought a surplus of stored emotions to the surface. Being alone in my van I was free to express my sorrow, and I certainly did. I cried, no I wailed like a bee-stung baby.

Folks that know me could say that I seem harsh and show little emotions; probably true – but through the emotions of that single ride, forever remembered – was one world of good. Margo had reminded me of something.

There have been other reminders through the years too; beginning with my little cocker spaniel ‘Tippy,’ but Bailey, Jaxx, Shack; each touched and reminded us in their own special very loyal way.

1003 - Jackson

On this date we have unexpectedly lost another fine companion; my heart is heavy and I feel that reminder once again.


Jackson, a ‘grand-dog’ and awesome Irish Setter belonged to our daughter, but has been in our care for the past two years as they experience life in Hawaii. Jackson was their family pet, their loyal family companion.  He became our best friend too.


Melissa and James came to visit several times and on each visit it was clear that Jackson remembered and loved his family. I would be lying if I said that I was always for the arraignment but the caring wife of mine welcomed Jackson in and the dog found his place in our home and earned his way into our hearts.

May add more later – but feeling the emotions right now; while reflecting on the ride; the ride that pets seem to unwittingly direct and remind us to feel; that of deep appreciation, sincerity, how simple it is to love and care, and just how special unequivocal forgiveness really is.

Thank you Jackson.

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