Where Kids ‘Fly’


Carr's 2014

Carr’s 2014

GK’s = Great Kids.

A fine summer for a couple of old-folks in the foothills of South Carolina; if seasonal weather didn’t start the summer prior to June, then the visit from a few little warm hearts sure did.


The Colorado Carr’s (Jessica and Myron) made their Mississippi crossing eastward to spend some time with us, a fine visit too.  Fourth of July, and fireworks by boat; always the favorite place and time of year – seems watching all those colors spread out over the water provides ‘the best’ of reflections for all.


At the lake, the forth of July is a holiday where kids can actually ‘fly.’…


– and they sure did!

On previous visits there has always been some trepidation before splashdown – not so this week; what we did see (in sort of a blur) was Rylie flyin off just about everything, including the pontoon! Wyatt was right behind her and doing all that he could to keep up – the splashdowns were many.

mid-lake swim

mid-lake swim

We found plenty of time to boat out and anchor mid-lake, for “jumpin in.”  Water’s really nice out there and if your’re lucky, you might even find your own little ‘warm spot.’ With PFD’s in place or just sittin on a cushion in the water – we all just ‘hung-out,’ swam under the boat, while sharing some laughs. “Boatin and floatin,” dosent matter where the bottom is (can’t touch it), it’s a time to just stop, jump in, and float with family. Wyatt was right there with us, paddlin back and forth, and then back and forth again, and again.


Another day and with fingernails white and skin wrinkled – the last to climb aboard was Wyatt.



What a crew; each growing up – Wyatt, Rylie, and the big kid Myron.



The pace of the lake is a demanding one.  On a warm days in the South its never unusual to find the herd laying around in a pocket of shade – recharging those afternoon batteries, same here.



Fireworks are legal in SC, so it wasn’t out of the ordinary to find time for some homegrown fireworks – before the big ones


and plenty of driveway time; write/draw most anywhere you like; please!

Write on....


It is encouraged..

Car's 2014

Car’s 2014

Of course the toughest part of the visit for us was the departure.


Having the kids living on the far side of the big river is tough; we miss those chillin.  We know that the Carr’s have been busy enjoying a new home, while Rylie and Wyatt have been as busy as two growing kids could possibly be; we all know and understand through experience.

We appreciated them warming our summer.


Rylie – Wyatt – James –

But there’s more to our summer of 14;



Sprouts Point

All the ‘GK’s’ visited got to visit Sprout’s point pole.

Melissa, James

Melissa, James

Because Melissa and James came from Hawaii,

chalk time

chalk time

and then Uncle Gray and Hunter came from San Diego; awesome! more warm hearts to brighten our summer!

Happy ride

Happy ride

Better yet, we had an interesting ride in the works – A FES – TI – VULL!.

Fes ti vull

Fes ti vull

The Albino Skunk Festival !

Kim and I couldn’t have been happier about it.  The Albino Skunk Festival in South Carolina is a kid-friendly, Spring/Fall event that we have enjoyed the past couple of years – it’s a lot of fun (next one April 9-11/15). On each visit as we watched the other GK’s run and play around us, we could only hope to share some time here with ours – and in the fall of 2014… we had that pleasure!

in the R O V

– and that meant a trip for/with the GK’s in the R-U-V! (as James called it).


There were plenty of toys around, kids could be kids and run; or – ride if Uncle Gray would push (which he did, alot)

get a face painted

or have their face painted,

buy a t-shirt

or hide-n-seek under the t-shirt stand

ride a shoulder


Hunter had one of the better views, from Dad’s shoulder.

or just playin

There was a place for ‘story time,’

oh yeah, its a music festival

its a music festival

and oh yeah, parents/kids/adults could wander at will back and forth as music drifted through the air – all afternoon and into the night.


Sure there were ‘facilities’ available,


and you could wear any party hat you wanted…..

or have a pb sandwich

Peanut butter sandwiches were available at the ‘R U V’


 or other refreshments.


This is the morning view and stage perspective from our R U V spot; with the music in immediate view; it just seemed a natural place to ‘gravitate to,’

Pumpkin lift


leaving James plenty of time to inspect the toys on the ‘pumpkin-lift’ (James idea)

1410-IMG_2342and Kim a place to sneak-in a few hugs.


But remember, we still had stuff to do at the lake,


water to play in,


things to work on,

1410-rov wash

things to wash


and more family to see.


It was a very good time and year – but once again, there are ‘lives’ to get on with….


In the time since;


the water has become calm – maybe even tranquil; and winter is in the air


– the events of this past year still linger in our hearts


– thoughts of holidays, family, flyin kids, and yes – all those little hearts.  That should warm us through the coldest part of winter; thanks to you each for the lasting smiles.

Proud of you guys.