2020; Not So Simple

The year of 2020 stunk, period…. we’re in a new year now and its so nice to be getting back to a ‘normal, even if it is a ‘new normal.’


I do have to add that the Covid pandemic event while living alongside an isolated lake along the foothills of the Blue Ridge – changed life very little, fewer trips to the store – no trips out to eat, and no travel for a year. But along with that and very unfortunately, my single hour of news each day increased dramatically, especially after the November 2020 election.

Mask’s, well that was different too but not insurmountable – I took it like seatbelts; for me having to wear a seatbelt was the hardest thing ever to adapt to and I openly rejected the idea – but that’s in the past and these days wearing a seatbelt is automatic. Hearing people reject the idea of masks while our so-called leader lead their rejection; dumbfounded me too, and that obvious indifference added to the reason 600k American’s died on American soil in 2020 (780,000 by 12/2021).

In the 4 years leading up to 2020, this same leader also lead the charge rejecting climate change, rejecting unity with our Allies, and cultivated an increase in disinformation and unfounded conspiracy theories – a few weak news organizations sold their allegiance for the ratings. This leader divided, bullied, and belittled whomever did not follow his sole and very selfish agenda. He has divided the best of friends.

This man represented fascism, a President that attacked the media, surrounded himself with ‘yes’ men, and made impulsive, and uneducated decisions – he expounded in an absolutely unAmerican manner, many times reflecting a Mussolini-type individual fed by his own ego and acting above the law. The wealthy received tax-breaks and pardons could be purchased. During this period there was a complete lack of any clear objective values for our country. A Big Lie was contrived from his lips and his incitement along with his social-media followers nearly took down a nations 200+ year strong democracy. Our children were cheated out of one of America’s most sacred periods; the transition to a new administration. On inauguration day, that President slipped out the back door of the Whitehouse refusing to acknowledge the people’s choice….

Then a sick republican Party turned their back on their sworn oath to our country – and in front of a nation, would not convict the apparent and obvious in his second impeachment trial..

The lines have been blurred where the religious lend credibility to a man that a golden Idol has been made of.

Yes, I voted for this man in 2016; I was wrong – and NO, I haven’t been brainwashed – I had only to watch an hour of news each day (half local, half national) and recognized what was happening through the values of a 68 year old educated American.

Wow, I’m telling you the events remain mind-blowing to each of us whom have grown up respecting the position and role-model of the American President – and the American flag that represents our democratic based country….

To me this flag represents the greatest democratic country ever (not one man, not one Party), and yes, I am an absolute Patriot to our nation.


Yes, I’m so glad 2020 is gone – but we’re not out of the woods yet.


and the things from 2020 that I would like write about; but at this moment I find difficult;

No February RV ride –

No Spring Skunk Festivus –

No Spring Delaware (wood piles dried)

No forth of July family gathering at lake

No California ride – Billy’s wedding

No fall Skunk festivus

Fall Delaware (Sept Oct) quarantined in a corn-field

Presidential election drama

92 y/o Mom goes to Memory-care

Quiet Christmas at home

Quiet New Years eve……


2021 is looking a whole lot better, I do believe that we are getting back to a better place – and I have many things in family and life to chirp about…