The bill collectors have my ‘real’ name, but my friends call me ‘Tom.”  (Tommy Haynie)

In my early twenties I drove a truck  long distance, many miles/hours /days on the road.  During that period out of frustration or boredom I began making notes on steno pads for private reference, still have them.  I look back at that jumble of words and can tell you exactly where I was and what I was feeling at that moment, it is kinda neat – funny too what you can/will write when the plan is that no-one else will ever see them.

The mechanics of writing helped me to sort out some frustrations (there’s alot with trucking) along with moments of confusion (probably love stuff) within that age. Writing allowed me to better understand my surroundings while making some clearer decisions along the way – I guess I’m just sayin the effort simply made me feel better, try it.



The Old Truck 2002

I was raised in Ft. Myers Florida and after six solid years of driving  I spent the next 30 years as a professional firefighter for the City of Asheville – in the mountains of North Carolina (a great place), I am now retired.

Married (she’s still comin home) with three  fine ‘kids’ (two daughters and a son) – each carving out their own admirable lives in Colorado, Hawaii, and California respectively.



No point with any of this – just trying to fill in some space about me (that always takes an effort), so I’ll leave it at this;

Every day we cross paths with any number of  people – the qualities that we like of others we incorporate into our own way of thinking and personality –  in good time and when we feel good about all of that within us – we form character.

Its not complicated, our eyes are the portholes – if you can grasp that you certainly understand that you are that person peering outward, and it’s your life……….

I’m just takin a few notes along the way.

Career at Asheville Fire Department

raft trip down the Mississippi,  crew

(Who’d know if you didn’t make a note about it?)